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10 Things to Stop Doing This Year

Out with the old and in with the new!

The only way to learn is to unlearn everything you’ve known before this. Throughout my young adult years, I’ve come to understand the world as just that; a constantly evolving contradiction. Things taught to us in grade school have been turned on their head. I’ve learned to question everything. This January I’m personally focusing on release. I’m letting go of expectations, guilt, anger, and all the negative energy that has built up from previous years.

Detachment is the art of accepting powerlessness and experiencing serenity, especially in difficult situations. By retraining your brain to fully dismiss a situation that no longer serves you, your mood and productivity increase with less stress.

Emotion Monitoring

Anticipation of others’ mental states is a trait shared by people with anxiety, empathy, and trauma. I’ve spent much of my life trying to analyze, assess, and anticipate someone’s emotional needs before even looking into my own.

If someone wants to communicate their needs to you, they will. As you grow up, you will learn new and different communication styles. That also doesn’t mean that other people’s emotional states are not your responsibility. It’s a balance between being sympathetic and letting their energy consume you.