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13 Can't-Miss U.S. Festivals in the Spring

Updated: Jan 17

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because everything feels like it comes back to life, literally and metaphorically. The grass starts getting greener, leaves on the trees grow back, and the air feels warmer by the day. Everywhere is beautiful in the springtime however many US cities celebrate the longer days with festivals dedicated to certain flowers, fruits, or causes. Whether you're in it for the festival events or you're into floral backdrops, These US cities host festivals celebrating the springtime. These holidays are often a great time to travel and experience the culture of the community. How many of these spring festivals are you adding to your bucket list?

March 20- April 17, 2022

Starting on the Spring equinox every year, Washington D.C. dresses its city in pink to match the bright cherry blossoms that begin to bloom. All month long, events take place teaching and celebrating the rich Japanese history of the Cherry Blossom Festival. They also use this time to promote local artists and provide them a place to share or sell their artwork. The highlight of this Festival is of course the cherry blossom parade with elaborate floats, dancers, performances, and balloons. After the parade, hit the streets to find restaurants doing pink drinks and plates as well as special deals for the celebration.

May 7- May 15, 2022

This one takes place a little bit further into spring as the Tulip Time Festival in Holland Michigan starts May 7th through May 15th. Millions of tulips will then flood the parks and fill the streets. The celebration kicks off with a Tulip Time run in which participants will run or walk the 5k or 10k. Throughout these 8 days, Events take place in which people will celebrate Dutch history with Dances, markets, and The annual Carnival takes place in the Civic Center lot. Millions of people have gathered here to enjoy one of the most colorful spring festivals in the country.

April 1- 30 2022

This Tulip Festival puts a Pacific Northwest spin on spring. Scattered throughout the valley are millions of multicolored tulips and businesses that participate in the festivities. Farmer’s markets, art shows, and street fairs take over the streets for the entire month of April. There's even a petting farm where you can meet alpacas. There's an ongoing photo contest for the community to get involved in the festivities. Tulips and daffodils are perennial, which means they only bloom once a year, but they will still come back. So this celebration is one to hold you over until next year!

April 22nd, 2022

No one does Earth Day like San Francisco. As the birthplace of this globally recognized holiday, the city of San Francisco hosts music performances, art workshops, and advocacy sessions to promote eco-friendly lifestyle choices. By addressing social issues that pose a threat to our planet, we are able to move forward to a place with Consistent respect and preservation of the land we are on. Environmental speakers will motivate visitors to promote real change. workshops and demos will focus on environmental impact, awareness, and sustainable sourcing. This is the day of celebration, education, and an environmental living baby.

April 8- 10, 2022

The second weekend in April Starts the annual Bluebonnet Festival in a small town in Texas. This year the festival is from April 8th through the 10th. Complete with a carnival, Biergarten, pet parade, and live music; The city gets together and enjoys good food and good times in the spring sun. Of course, there's an annual Bluebonnet Festival Grand parade that takes place on the Sunday of the celebration. You also know you're in Texas because there is a celebratory demolition derby along with an old-time car show. There’s a little something for everyone in the family.

May 27- June 26th, 2022

Portland has been celebrating this annual Bloom for 115 years now. The Rose Festival kicks off with a night of fireworks and live music in the park. A morning 5k run, An extravagant parade, Dragon Boat Races, and street fairs Are prominent within the city. As a later Spring Festival, the weather is warmer and there has been enough time for millions of roses to grow and be harvested. The city also chooses a new reigning Queen for each Rose Festival. This happens on June 10th from 11 to noon. This person is chosen for their leadership and scholarship achievement, volunteer service, civic involvement in school activities. Everyone in the community gets involved in this Spring Festival.

April 24, 2022 | 1 - 5 PM | Pearl Street Mall

At this spring celebration, Colorado really puts cottagecore into its spring festivals. This one is more aimed at the younger crowd but can be fun for the whole family. Face painting, henna art, food trucks, and parades led by the Tulip fairy are sure to spark your sense of fantasy in such a picturesque place. The kids can sword fight with foam swords or jump into arts and crafts projects sponsored by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The blooming tulips are truly incredible, especially with the Flatiron's backdrop.

April 24, 2022 | 9 - 5 PM |

Avocados are not just great for the body, they're all so great for a celebration of spring! The end of April marks the harvest season for thousands of avocados in the Fallbrook area. This community comes together and sponsors exhibitors' contests and activities for the day. Live music and performers are on the community stage all day long. Local artisans will be around every corner during the quartz and walk on Alvarado Street. Their website features recipes and tutorials all surrounding this incredible fruit.

MAY 28-29, 2022

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, people gather from far and wide to see hundreds of hot air balloons take flight in Decatur Alabama. The Alabama Jubilee is free for the public. Since 1978, balloons have been lifted annually. This festival also includes local and regional bands, Tractor and a Car Show, and an Arts and Crafts show. Food trucks and vendors line the area with tasty local favorites.

April 6-10, 2022

A festival first celebrated to ring in the colorful and fragrant azalea flowers, now draws in huge crowds from all over and encourages volunteerism and civic participation in the Wilmington community. Parades, Art shows, community service projects, and exclusive concerts happen as part of the celebration. The main event was the coronation of Queen Azalea and the festival princesses. This pageant is a great kick-off to the celebration of beautiful flowers. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the festival.

July 15- 17, 2022

A blooming business in Washington, Lavender Fields stretch for miles. The Lavender Festival takes place Mid-July this year. As the flower Farmers prepare to harvest, a celebration has been put in place to admire and enjoy what these flowers have to offer. The Sequim Prairie became abundant with lavender in 1995 when the plan was for this area to become a commercial development area. The flower solution had Great agricultural value and the farmers were able to save their land. Now, thousands of people come to the coast to see and experience their love of lavender.

April 22-24, 2022

For three days Farmers, vendors, and Community artists gather to celebrate in a colorful landscape. As the poppy is the California state flower, this Festival focuses on its blooming. And the community in which it resides. Live music, fair rides and games, animal exhibits, and tons of delicious food options can be expected at this event. Each night they have an exclusive Arena event which ranges from a monster truck show to a traditional Rodeo.

May 6-27, 2022

This year’s upcoming festival will be its 124th annual celebration. The craft beer and wine tasting expos incorporate flavors from around the region, with and without the purple flower. stroll through blocks of Local art vendors At Art in the Park. jam out to local artists playing on their main stage. Test your gardening skills by signing up for the Garden battles. Whether you're going to participate in one of the events or just to spectate, it's a beautiful area to experience spring.


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