A Latinx Role in Hemispheric Foodways

Every single human must eat, or we will perish. Food is a very important part of the world's flow and organization. However, the means by which it is procured may not always be the most ethical. The farm-to-table surge across the US has caused an increase in health, but also a need for workers to work on the farms. Usually, that will be someone who is Latinx in the US, due to our socio-economic structure. However, regardless of the food system itself, the concept of Latinx foods can have many problems. The use of Latinx cuisine in a negative context is constant. This reinforces the stereotypes that the communities have worked so hard to dismantle. To add insult to injury, Latinx cultures are then used to sell Americanized products, of their own foods, too ignorant consumers who then circle into the feedback loop of microaggressive assimilation of Latinx culture. While this may seem like a small issue, there are many contexts in which it can be harmful. Food connects most people to their heritage, it is a way to pass down culture in a context that is used daily. Taking the authenticity away from that, turning it into a product, and then taking advantage of the people of that culture is a constant systematic form of oppression that almost every marginalized people group faces.

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