Children's Latinx Television

As we dive deeper into Latinx culture, we must start with the youth. Children have and will always be the future, and their worldviews and actions are greatly influenced by the world that surrounds them. One of the first signs of Latinx culture within live-action media were early 1970s children's live-action TV shows like Carrascolendas and Villa Alegre. Shows like this were some of the first stepping stones towards the representation we see today in the United State's pop culture. Characters such as Dora the Explorer, Princess Sofia, and Handy Mandy give young Latina/os a chance to been seen within their own consumption of media. However, many times, when Latina/os are finally given the recognition they deserve, it's often a stereotype character, who is there to fill a joke. Characters like Carmen Sandiego changed that. She was a powerful and crafty Latina woman to look up to. Characters like her, are so important to the formation of pride within one's culture as a child. With representation, young Latina/os have a stronger chance to connect with their culture, a culture that is not always welcomed, respected, and appreciated for the gifts that it brings in the US today.

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