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Five Ways to Boost your Holiday Spirit

With the whole year behind us, how do YOU get into the holiday spirit? It can be tough with the hustle and bustle of life but this special time of year calls for everything you celebrate. Last night, I stepped into the cool Colorado night thought how could it be

Christmas already? it feels like this whole year has already flown by. everyone can agree that work and school and projects built up throughout the year and might just now be catching up to us which can make it hard to get into the holiday spirit. Between the stress of going home and making sure all of your presents are wrapped there are a few things to help you relieve the stress and get yourself excited for the upcoming days.

1) Listen to your version of Christmas music!

If the only thing you can hear when somebody mentions Christmas is an old Elvis Presley song from your grandmother's record player, maybe it’s time for a holiday upgrade. Yes, some of the classics are

great but they can definitely get repetitive after hearing a year after year and store after store. Not every single Christmas is going to be white or blue. Some of my favorite modern bands have come out with great Christmas Carol covers and original holiday songs. some of them talk about not wanting to celebrate the holidays and that’s okay too. Find my specially curated playlist here or at the end of this article.

2) Make a new recipe.

This is something to call your own. Especially if you’re going back home for the holidays, it’s always impressive to whip out a new cocktail or side dish. Think about the things that you’ve made over the last year and revisit them. Those mashed sweet potatoes you made at three in the morning? Maybe could have used some salt, but that’s why we’re bringing it back! This is what you’ve prepared for baby! Let’s show them what you’ve got.

3) Start a new holiday tradition

Whether it's the 7 pairs of matching pajamas with your family or getting Christmas Eve crunk, everyone needs a special something to kick off their season. This doesn't have to be something big or spectacular every year, but define an action to be

done to remind you of the connections and love surrounding the air. Some people prefer to do this quietly. They reflect on the past and get ready to embrace the new year with fresh ideas. Others want to be lively in their traditions. Getting together with family and expressing gratitude is a great way to get into the spirit for the holidays.

4) Give unexpected gifts

Tight on money this year? Build the perfect playlist for someone and make them a card with the Spotify code on it. Gift someone an experience by planning out the perfect DIY date. Just because Christmas is commercialized to the masses doesn’t mean you have to be. Get creative and think about what each person could really use in their daily life. Have a friend who’s always on the go? Make them a go-bag with some snacks and reminder cards. Foodie friend who always wants to try the best spots in town? Make them a master list of all the restaurants in town for them to check them off when they go. Show them you care by paying attention to the little things and like I said, GET CREATIVE! You know what they like, don’t put too much pressure on it. If it comes from you, they’ll cherish it forever.

5) Spend some time with the people you love

This should be as many people as you can. The season itself is cold and quiet, for these couple of days, you absolutely should NOT be! This is the time to celebrate your achievements from the last year and welcome the incoming sun. So dance, drink, laugh. Stay up all night playing Cards Against Humanity or just reconnecting with your family. For people who are spending the holiday physically by themselves, call your relatives or write each of them a letter thanking them for their role in your life. Gratitude can really boost everyone’s spirits, especially when shared with others.

As the years go by, it's easy to get lost in all the life that happens. This season is meant to be shared and celebrated for all of the accomplishments and love throughout the year. Even if your brain needs to catch up and you have to remind yourself that Christmas is literally happening right now, that's okay. You'll get your jingle juice in you soon enough. What do you do to get in the spirit of the season?



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