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Fort Collins Introduces City Sweats This April

You've seen the memes; April is Stress Awareness Month.

As a part of my everyday wellness, I'm trying to focus on relieving daily stress to avoid gradual build-up.

I'm always looking for new ways to relax physically, mentally, and emotionally. I tried the sauna at my gym, and I never really was a fan. I felt it hard to breathe, and I didn't particularly appreciate cramming in with five other people. When invited to attend the grand opening of City Sweats, I was extremely excited to learn about the benefits and meet the team.

Based out of Washington, this is the original infrared sauna spa. With previous locations in Wallingford, Madison Park, Bellevue, and West Seattle, City Sweats pushes east with a brand new site in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A modern health spa that focuses on infrared sauna technology to release toxins through your skin. Founded by Dee Alams, this idea entered her dance studio and soon grew to two locations, then three, and finally one opens up with a Rocky Mountain backdrop

They offer various therapeutic services, including your own private infrared cabin session, lymphatic massage, and dry brushing. Memberships are a great way to enjoy the best value when going multiple times a month.

Chromotherapy: this is the science of color frequencies treating ailments through exposure. Each color can promote new growth and healing in the skin, mind, and body. Alter your infrared cabin can to fit each person or groups' vibe.

The lymphatic system is in charge of filtering and circulating fluids in your body. This system can stimulate it through regular exercise. Still, if you live a sedentary lifestyle or feel like you could benefit from better blood circulation, this can be a great option. It will help the body maintain proper blood circulation. You'll come out feeling better and more relaxed.

A massive benefit of enjoying the sauna is detoxification and circulation of O2 and blood in the body. The cleanse happens on a cellular level bringing rejuvenation and vitality back into the skin. The infrared sauna is seven times more effective than a traditional sauna, and you can feel the difference.

The sweat experience also relieves a significant amount of stress from the mind and the body. Physically, it decreases cortisol levels and increases serotonin levels making you feel lighter and can help lift brain fog.

Your skin will feel so much more rejuvenated, and This treatment will expel wrinkle-causing free radicals by increasing the cell turnover rate. It can also balance your skin tone, hydrate dry skin, and give you an overall youthful glow.

The space had a super relaxed, modern, classy feel. Everything seemed inviting, just like the people, and there were details in every room, selection, and color choice. From the colors on the wall to the selection of plants, this spa is an oasis.

The executive team welcomed us in with champagne and samples of their health tonics. A total of six options lined the bar with their hometown-inspired tastes. Tabi and I tried The Washington Apple, a mixture of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and alkaline water. This tonic was a perfect shot for two hot girls with stomach issues.

Rachel, the owner of the brand-new location, gave us the complete tour treatment, showing us each of the rooms reserved for specific services.
The first couple of rooms is for the infrared sauna wrap and the lymphatic drainage massage. These rooms house a massage table, pair of headphones, and television to fully immerse yourself in relaxing visuals or soothing music during the treatment.

The rooms are arranged for the perfect sweat sesh. The sauna cabins offer options for four people in one. They are private, so feel free to be dressed to your comfort level. You can exit and enter the sauna cabin as many times as possible in your 45-minute booking.

After enjoying the toasty temperatures, they recommend rinsing off in their usefully decorated mineral shower room, complete with deodorant, lotion, makeup remover, and menstrual products. This room is cute and welcoming; I love the design and thought behind filling the shelves.

All clean? Hang out in the "Relaxation Room," where you can lay your feet in the sand and hang out in a personal lounge. Greeted by a notecard with your name, they invite you to have some tea and orange to hydrate and meditate. You'll never forget where you are, even with your toes in the sand; an incredible mural painted by a local artist fills the room with Rocky Mountain beauty. Feel free to stay in this room for as long as before returning to your day.

The new location is inviting and comfortable, just as their hard-working team is. The commitment to wellness is contagious. The group focuses on grounding but thriving, finding the perfect balance in City Sweats services and hospitality.

A Big thank you to City Sweats for the warm welcome and opportunity for connection.

Thank you to Tabitha Foster for the photography and the collaboration, check out her art here!


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