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What's Going on with the Full Moon?

This last Thursday was the very first full moon of 2021 and with all the energy we all felt from 2020, it's the perfect time to set and start your intentions for the incoming year.

The full moon phase is associated with celebration and growing into your own. This time will be filled with gratitude and harmony.

Take a second to list a couple of things you're grateful for and remind yourself of the things you can celebrate. Maybe share it to your story and tag us.

The first full moon of the year is known as the Wolf Moon. This comes from a couple of different traditions. This is the time when wolves are most active in their ecosystems, as this is about the time that their breeding season begins. In early American years, Native North American communities would hear the wolves howling at our lady in the sky and they would know that the cycle has started again.

With the passing of Colorado Proposition 114, the native grey wolf is now on a plan to be reintroduced into areas west of the Continental Divide. That's kind of a cool connection, a parallel into the past.

Wolves are typically known for their loyalty and protection of loved ones. When met, they can be your closest ally or a dangerous competitor. January's wolf moon encourages you to trust your intuition. Right now, you have clarity on the influence you have over others and yourself. Focus on the cool things that you create in a relationship with others.

During this time, the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius are on opposite sides of the Earth. The Sun illuminates the Moon, making it appear "full". The polarity between both of these signs can create some intense power shifts. With two very individualistic signs, this might be time to release what is needed for self-expression and communication. This isn't something to stress yourself over. Just as Leo can stir up feelings of aggression and jealousy, it can also bring out honesty, courage, and generosity. What is most important to you? Experience, knowledge, money, relationships? Really pinpoint your priorities this month, it may affect the rest of how things go this year. Whatever you decide to focus on, let yourself get lost in it. Enjoy the playfulness of this season and step into your next best self.


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