Identity, Language, and Music through the Latinx Lens

Language is what connects us to one another beyond our appearances.

It is with language that we learn more about the core of those around us, and it also how we deceive one another. It can be a very powerful tool. The language in which someone speaks helps to define and construct how their brain works. Speaking more than one language, can then also expand your mind from a set type of thinking. Being bilingual scientifically is proven to help with brain functionality and processing. However, often in media, there is little to no use of a language other than English. As more and more Spanish speakers and English speakers lived in areas near one another, Spanglish was born. This is a very unique, varied, and difficult language to understand, but is also vital to the culture of mestizas and Latinx peoples in the US today. Movements and people such as Pintos and Maiz are the future. With a consistently globalizing world, the combination of languages is inevitable. However, still, there is little to no representation for it within the culture. One form where the Latinx language has been able to thrive on the radio. Stations like Colorado's own "Super Estrella" are living examples of the resilience of language.

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