Latinx Activism in Pop Culture!

Art is activism. Activism leads to social change. Changes make us desire stability. Stability dulls us, driving us towards a craving for expression, which is where we find more art. Artivism is a social movement using art to talk about the prejudices and struggles of certain people. Graffiti is one of those forms of art. By using graffiti, many Latina/os have left their mark on the world in a call for social justice. In the same manner, now the fight has moved into the internet. The web is full of art depicting various lifestyles and struggles. However, when you take a look at the transition of Latinx pop culture and activism today, you can still see the roots from whence they came. This heritage is very important for the development of pride within the young Latinx, and really every people group, over the world. By seeing the art of a teenager in Mexico, another who lives in Minnesota with no way to connect to her family's culture may suddenly feel something stir. Art and social justice have always gone hand and hand, therefore it makes sense that together they keep marching forward to break through barriers and to push to represent every culture.

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