Latinx Creators of Comics and Science Fiction Latinxfuturisms

Representation has always been a struggle, especially for Latina/os in the United States. However, the comic book industry is one of the more restrictive industries in this regard. Regulations on violence, political commentary, and sexual themes have been a struggle for comic book writers. This disproportionally affects Latinx cultures, due to the fact that the right-wing culture that oppressed the comic book industry for so long, has a prejudice against them. As time went on, like in all other forms of media, Latinx representation started to come to light. However often created poorly, attempts were made. The struggle of this is the lack of writers who understand what it means to be a Dominican, a Puertorican, and an El Salvadorian, and how they're not the same at all. There is a superhero for every white sub-group possible: nordic, redneck, patriotic, anarchist, etc., however, usually, there is a singular Latinx character with a poorly written understanding of Latinoness. A great example would be Miles Morales again, while it helps children to be able to see themselves within their media, their portrayals are not up to standard. Miles speaks virtually no Spanish, and the movie barely mentions anything about his family or culture. While we are taking leaps and bounds towards an equal future for minorities, there is still much work to be done.

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