Lowriders, Quinces, and Cultura Joteria

Community is something so many people des

ire and pressure, and a great example of that can be found within Latinx culture. Lowrider culture is based on the West Coast Hip-hop movement in the 1990s. The familial bonds made between the members of the club are undeniable. Unrelenting support on a communal level is something that Latina/os are very familiar with. A quinceanera is the best time to witness this energy. It is a wonderful tradition to bring young women further into the journey of life, surrounded by their loved ones. There is no way true way to describe the sense of security and comfort found at a Quinceanera, however, after spending just minutes in the room, one could feel the sense of a thriving community. However, the community is not always familial. Queer culture has always had very strong communal bonds, much like that of Latinx culture. Often, biological familial ties can be strained when someone is queer, however, these are not the only communities that can be formed. Gay people have always reached out to one another, looking out for each other's wellbeing. Marginalized people groups have always struggled,

showing the power of community can overcome many obstacles. Latinx communities have thrived, thanks to the support they get from one another, and the care they give.

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