Monsters, Narcos, and Migrants

Monsters are meant to be omens, the literature says, but in what regard? Monsters are speckled through Latinx history and fantasies. There are many stories of monsters, creatures, and fantasmas, that haunt people. However many of these stories are used to scare children, or manifest our anxieties and fears. Many tales of monsters and such come from the abuse and suffering that Latinx culture has been through. Migration has been a struggle of many Latinx communities, especially in recent times. However, this is no new concept, people have moved to and from since the dawn of time, but yet many Latina/os find prejudice in their attempts to translocate. One of the main reasons for this is the drug trade. George W Bush, and his war on drugs, caused so much discrimination towards the Latinx community, and for what? Big Pharma? Regardless, migration is a natural process of life, that most creatures perform, however, due to fear and anxiety of something different, Latinx peoples are disproportionally effected by discrimination in regards to migration. The drug cartels of Mexico and farmers of Colombia have some effect on ease of life for their fellow Latina/os, but the true problem is the fear within American culture of anything else. It is fear that has driven it to take people's land from them, enslave other human beings, and profit off the of the less fortunate.

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