Performing Brown Bodies

The story that many Latina/os have to tell is often overlooked. In the media, and even more so in live performance. The stage is a wonderful platform for self-expression and exploration of cultures. Art such as La Danza Azteca is a great example of how powerful and influential these forms of art can be. The ability to create something beautiful that represents one's life can be very cathartic and therapeutic for the artist, as well as informational and inspiring to the audience. Witnessing Latinx culture, with all of its liveliness and beauty can be life-changing, however dark must also show the bad. By using art to shed light upon the struggles of a specific community, new understanding can be found. Performances that use spoken word to tell about the struggle of a people group can be very powerful, but also can be offensive in some cases. Accuracy to a system of beliefs or way of life is important for this type of performance, which is why young Laina/os need more exposure to art and these forms of art in particular. By seeing more and more Latinx artists performing in this manner, hopefully, it sparks more young peoples to do the same.

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