Rasquachismo and Razabilly

Rock and Roll changed music forever, not only in English but Spanish as well. Rockabilly music has had a big effect on Latinx culture and its evolution. Often, in regards to music, Latinx culture gets put in a box: Mariachi. While Mariachi is beautiful and entrancing, it is not the only form of Latinx music. From the hard fun beats of reggaeton to the sexy strain of the tango, Latinx music is very diverse. However one of those forms is contemporary Raza Rockabilly, which is hard-styled rock music that originated from Latinx influences. When this style of music was released, it erupted, selling out of CDs on the shelves. This musical eruption came at a similar time to Rasquachismo, a concept within Chicano communities, as a resistance via hybridization. These movements lead to the expansion of Latinx music into the time we know today. There are many examples of famous musicians who are Latina/os. Shakira, Aster Flores, Pitbull, Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, and the list goes on. Each one of these Latinx artists has its own flavor, but that flavor is Latin at its core.

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