Video Games and Animation through the Latinx Lens

As children age, they become more adventurous, spontaneous, and curious. Video games have been a very successful product with children and adults alike in order to help fulfill that need we have inside for exploration and discovery. However, it is very hard to imagine all the great things one might accomplish when every character is a circle, and you are a square. Videogames are quickly becoming one of the most influential media forms on earth. Unfortunately, the videogame industry has an underrepresentation of Latina/os in the workforce, along with a lack of Latinx culture in the content itself. The reading mentions the vast cultural diversity within Latin America, and how much content could be created with that in mind. There are many problems, but yet also many solutions. Jeremiah McCall's idea to use simulation video games to teach history is a spectacular usage of this medium. The ability to use virtual reality technology, to place a student within history, would be a revolutionary teaching tool. Possibly, people would be kinder to one another, if they experienced what it was like to be there. This could benefit Latinx communities, by helping create games and experiences that are both engaging and educational. A videogame where children, teenagers, and adults could experience Latinx culture and history, in order to better embrace the culture.

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