What is Latinx Pop Culture?

The first chapter of the reading talks about Latinx culture and its effects on the United States. It mentions that there are certain qualities to Latinx culture that are vibrant, unique, and full of special energy. Latina/o culture has been consistently evolving through time, like everything else, and that can be witnessed in their own forms of culture and through their representation and inclusion in US pop culture through time. The reading shows an example of this with the mention of Miles Morales from Spider-Man into the Spiderverse. With characters like this, Latinx culture's entrancing qualities can be experienced by others who may not usually see that side of the culture. In an era where our differences have become more important than our similarities, it helps to see other's culture, in order to better empathize. By having more Latinx representation in pop culture and media, hopefully, it helps educate the prejudice that many Latina/os are subjected to. One important tool for this is the representation within children's pop culture specifically. Children are the future, and how they are raised dictates, in most cases, how they will value others. This is what the next blog post will dig into.

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