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About ME

Professional Summary

My passion for the arts began at a very young age and continued throughout my college and adult career. I have integrated creativity and artistry in the work that I have produced in my education and my work experience by breathing my own personality into the work that I produce. I am organized and hardworking both on my own and in a team setting. My priorities are effective and efficient work habits while being able to compromise and collaborate in groups. Crafting and art have developed through personal interest and a lot of hot glue. 

Work Experience


Seasonal Costume Designer

Over the course of two years, I designed costumes for four shows within two seasons. I was able to work on one full-length play, One Man, Two Guvnors directed by Walt Jones; one musical, Spring Awakening directed by Noah Racey; and two dance shows. 


Little Man Ice Cream Open Mic MC

Starting as just a performer, I was commissioned to become the MC for the monthly Open Mic Nights at Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado. I arrived early to set up the stage with my own equipment and provided entertainment when there was a lack of sign-ups. I also became the main contact for musical entertainment for this event.   


Sweet Cooie's Live Entertainment

Due to my hard work at Little Man Ice Cream, I was promoted to work as the live entertainment at Sweet Cooie's every Wednesday. This was a really neat experience because I was able to play and promote my own songs. This taught me to be more assertive and productive in my personal music career.



Colorado State University

BA in Theatre, Costume Design Concentration, Minor in Sports, Music, and Stage Production. Graduated in Fall 2020


It has always been my personal goal to try to learn as much as I can about as many subjects as possible. I lean toward arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, digital art, and video editing. I have experience in music production at home as well as in an education setting. I know the structure of a theatre business model and how the industry compares to college ideals. I love upcycling and creating new ideas from things around the house. 

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