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All Aboard: Maximizing Your Cruise Experience

Experienced cruisers know how to make the most out of their time on the boat. They understand how to balance exploration and relaxation, engage in a myriad of onboard activities, and seize every opportunity to make their cruise experience unforgettable. This guide is designed to share their insider tips and secrets, helping you to maximize your cruise adventure, whether you're a first-timer or an experienced sea-traveler.

So how do you actually maximize your cruise vacation?

Don’t Sleep

This was the very first piece of advice my sister and I got from experience cruisers on our first embark. There’s so much to do both on the ship and at your destinations, you want to be able to be a part of as much as you can while still enjoying your time. Be sure to take time to relax, however, know that this is an incredible opportunity with so much to do and see.

Take Advantage of Onboard Activities and Amenities

There’s a vast array of activities available on cruise ships such as full length, shows, live music, sports activities, and spa treatments. Be sure to check the cruise line app as well as your daily in room itinerary to sign up for these various on board events. There is many unique experiences catered to every demographic and age group, looking on my upcoming cruise itinerary, there’s a cupcake decorating class and surf lessons. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get.

Marquee saying Cafe Promenade on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship
Cafe Promenade at Royal Caribbean

Get to Know Your Ship

Each cruise ship has its own amenities and hidden spots that would only be known to a cruise insider. Be sure to ask questions, utilize your ship map, and best of all explore what each floor has to offer. sometimes the cruise ship will offer a different amenities for different types of days. For example, the last cruise I went on, turned there stage into an ice-skating rink on our sailing day.

Tip: If you’re feeling seasick, check the first floor of any royal Caribbean ship. This is where the first aid unit is and they will give you Dramamine to help with your upset stomach and dizziness.
Inside of a cruise ship
Royal's Promenade

Use the Cruise Lines App

This will be my third Royal Caribbean cruise, and every time I have used the official Royal Caribbean app. Not only do they make at your daily, itineraries easy, the app also makes it easy to plan excursions, pay for any additional packages, such as beverage or dining, and gives you a detailed map of the ship. This app works off Wi-Fi and is great for both planning and being on the boat.

To Beverage Package or not?

If you have a high tolerance or just enjoy getting schwasty on a boat, consider the beverage package. To get your money is worth, do this simple equation to see if the beverage package is right for you. Take the cost of the beverage package and divide it by how many days you will be on your trip. Then take that number and divide by the average cost of each drink on the boat. Each drink averages around $12-$13. Usually the number you end up with is around seven, Which means that if you drink more than seven drinks each day you are on vacation the beverage package will be worth it for you. Note that this includes port days where you may not be on the boat and the last day, where you are on the boat for just the morning. The drink package can also be helpful if you’re new to ordering drinks. I used this as an opportunity to try some classic cocktails that I didn’t know if I was going to like without breaking the bank. if I didn’t like a drink, I could just simply order a new one without worrying about the $14 I spent on an old-fashioned.

Meet some new people!

Cruising by yourself, or in a group is a lot of fun, it’s always about who you surround yourself with. Be sure to make memories with the people closest to you, whether that be longtime friends, family, or the people that you met at bingo next-door. A cruise is a fun environment to meet someone that may be looking for the same things as you, fun, sun, and food. So start a conversation by the pool or even in the buffet line. You never know who you’re gonna meet in situations like this, you might even meet a new best friend!

Plate of Lamb chop. beans, and gravy
Lamb Chop

Try New Foods

A lot of cruise lines will choose special food, drink and music to fit with the themes or culture of the destinations. This can be your chance to try some authentic cuisine for each of your destinations. There is also a good selection of high class foods available at the traditional dinning room. As these are usually no additional cost to you, use these as an opportunity to try foods maybe you hadn’t even heard of.

Cool Lady on a cruise daybed enjoying a mojito and the cruise
Hanz Crusin on the Boat

Unwind and Relax

That’s what a cruise is meant for anyway, right? So throw on your swimsuit, grab a drink or a book and park your pretty little booty right by the pool and do absolutely nothing. Enjoy the fact that you were in warm weather, and nothing is required of you.

In conclusion, cruising is more than just a vacation, it's an experience filled with endless possibilities. It's a chance to explore new destinations, indulge in various activities and amenities, meet new people, and try exciting cuisines. Above all, it's an opportunity to unwind, relax, and make unforgettable memories. So, the next time you're on a cruise, remember these tips to maximize your experience. Be sure to check out our cruisin' playlist! Bon Voyage!


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