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Were You at the Women's March 2021?

Are you in support of women making their own choices about their bodies?

The Women’s March is back and louder than ever. On October 2, 2021, thousands of people across the nation gathered to rally on each of their capital’s steps. In response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signing a law to ban abortions as early as six weeks, demonstrators are showing support for The Department of Justice suing the state of Texas. Let’s dive into why this is an issue by getting the facts.

When the government is able to put a restriction on What a pregnant woman can or cannot do with her child is taking rights away from the woman to give to an underdeveloped collection of cells that can't take care of itself.

Being pro-choice doesn't necessarily mean being pro-abortion. It means that I respect you enough to understand that that's not my place to tell you what kind of responsibilities you're ready for right now.

Just because abortion is illegal doesn't mean it's not happening. The harder it is to get a safe and legal abortion the riskier the procedure. This means more black market drugs and unsafe surgeries increase the risk of death and injury to the mother as well as the fetus.

Almost every abortion death and disability could be prevented through sexuality education, use of effective contraception, provision of safe, legal induced abortion, and timely care for complications (“Preventing unsafe abortion”)

What Pro Choicer’s are trying to change

Restrictive Laws:

Recently Texas has passed a law in which pregnant individuals over six weeks are not eligible for the abortion procedure. This means that women in Texas have to drive out of state in order to receive this kind of healthcare. This is unfair in two ways. Time is a restraint for a lot of people. if you’re working a full-time job and you have to drive over 12 hours for multiple doctor’s visits, The likelihood of you having that procedure drops dramatically. this also doesn’t give thought to how they will get that transportation. Lower-income families that do not own a car don’t have access to even the option of anything other than carrying out that pregnancy to term.

Poor Availability of services:

Many women that find out about their pregnancy and a doctor's office aren’t told about the option for abortion due to the doctors on personal beliefs or restrictive laws. When a doctor isn't able to provide truthful and honest information about that person’s body, not only breaks the Hippocratic oath but dissolves the trust and safety Between doctor and patient. Too many women have stories of not knowing all of their options when first made aware of the pregnancy And some individuals aren’t even told they are pregnant until close to or past the restrictive abortion date. this gives women an unfair disadvantage of information regarding their own body and health.

High Cost:

A higher cost associated with this form of healthcare can limit the number of people able to get this procedure. Affordability is one of the top reasons that civilians don’t get the care that they need. There’s also means that only a certain economic class is able to proceed with this decision. Monetary commitment is one of the biggest reasons women receive abortions. With a lower cost associated with this procedure, more women are able to make the right decision based on their own circumstances and life instead of how they’re going to get the money.


A lot of talk about abortion revolves around shame And guilt. A big portion of the pro-life argument is also based on these social ties as well as a big religious aspect. abortions are normal and the conversation around them needs to open up for individuals everywhere to heal and connect through shared experiences. Although not personally talked about, there are so many people that have chosen to have an abortion and have simply not talked about it. This is what they want you to do. In order to reclaim that power, it is important to support your sisters and brothers and whatever decision they choose to go with. once you start talking to people about this issue personally, you start to realize that a lot of other people may have had the same situation and that’s how unity and growth occur.

The conscientious objection of healthcare providers:

When deciding on this procedure, there are often unnecessary requirements, such as mandatory waiting periods, mandatory counseling, provision of misleading information, third-party authorization, and medically unnecessary tests that delay care. This adds stress due to the useless "busy work" they load down the impregnated with. For some, the choice to have an abortion is easy and right. I have no say in what that person's choice is because I am not them and health care providers, OBGYNs, and women's health workers shouldn't have access to decline the help that they want based on their own faith and values.

Of course, It wouldn't be a complete blog post without the bops. Enjoy this feminist proclamation of rage as you're driving to work or the gym. It'll get you fired up.

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