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Creating Your January Aesthetic with a Mood Board

Hey there! Ready to whip up an awesome January mood board? It's a kickass way to see your goals, vibes, and feels for the month. Think of it like your daily dose of inspo, reminding you of the energy you wanna invite into your life. So, let's jump right in and make a mood board that's all about YOU this January.
Looking out a Chicago style window out to a blue sky and roof
Chicago Windowscape

start with a color

Choosing a color or color scheme for your mood board helps to keep it cohesive. It provides a visual thread that ties all of your chosen images and elements together, creating harmony and balance. It can also help to reinforce the mood or emotion you're aiming to evoke with your board.

Reflective silver 21 balloons against a blue sky
Shiny 2 Balloon

add an intention

Adding intention to your mood board means deciding on a specific purpose or goal for the board. This could be anything that you want to focus on or achieve in January. For example, your intention could be to focus on self-care, improve your productivity, or cultivate a sense of calm. The intention should guide the selection and arrangement of images on your mood board.

Woman dancing on a ledge against a black sky

add emotion

Adding emotion to your mood board allows you to create a deeper connection with it. The emotions you choose can guide your actions and decisions throughout the month, helping to align them with your overall goals and intentions. They can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, reminding you of how you want to feel in January.

put aesthetic pictures together

When putting aesthetic pictures together for your mood board, you want to select images that not only fit your chosen color scheme, but also embody the intention and emotions you've decided on. This could be a combination of photos, illustrations, and even text or quotes. You could choose images that inspire you, spark joy, or simply resonate with your theme for the month. The key here is to select images that speak to you on a personal level, as they will be a source of inspiration and motivation throughout the month.

Curly hair gal sitting on curb with a long blue can

make it more personal by adding your own photos

Adding your own photos not only personalizes your mood board but it also makes it unique and meaningful to you. You can include photos from memorable events, trips, or moments that align with your theme for the month. These photos can serve as a reminder of good times and motivate you to create more such moments. They can also reflect your personal style, taste, and preferences, adding an authentic touch to your mood board.

arrange your images in a way that feels balanced and pleasing to your eye

To make a nice looking display, you need to put your pictures in a way that looks good and feels balanced. This means you need to think about where each picture goes, how much space is between them, and what the size, shape, and color of each picture is. The aim is to make a layout that catches the viewer's eye and helps them understand the story you're trying to tell with your pictures.

add any text or quotes that resonate with your theme for January

Woman wearing blue hat against the chicago skyline
Chicago Girl

When preparing your January content, include text, phrases, or quotes that deeply connect with that month's theme. They could be inspiring words, interesting questions, or captivating stories that fit well with your theme. The aim is to make an engaging and meaningful experience for your audience. It should not only fit with the January theme but also inspire, motivate, and encourage thought.

Review your board, make any necessary adjustments, and then finalize it. Enjoy your personalized January mood board!

Feet out the window of a car with blue sky

Tips and Tricks

  1. add goals or things you want to focus on in each month

  2. make your finished mood board your wallpaper so you always know what you’re working towards

  3. add quotes of people you respect and admire

  4. Don't feel limited to pre-existing images or materials. If you're inclined to draw, sketch, or write something of your own, do it!

  5. Don't strive for perfection. The mood board is a personal and emotional reflection, not a piece of precise graphic design.

How I built my Mood Board for January 2024

Collection of blue and yellow aesthetic images to create a mood board
Hanz's 2024 January Mood Board

First things first I have to choose a color. January has always been an extremely important time for me to shift my mentality. Not only is at the start of the new year, It also marks another year around the sun for me. I wanted a color that matched both the cold stillness of Chicago winters and the refreshing excitement of a new cycle. Pantone’s Arctic Paradise was the perfect shade of blue I found to represent this month.

I then queued a handful of songs that reminded me of the specific color. The bedroom or dream pop, music genre seems to perfectly encapsulate the dreamy and romantic aesthetic of how I want to live my first month in 2024. Then used these songs as a jumping off point to build both my January playlist and mood board.

My biggest intention in January is to relieve my everlasting anxiety and focus on the present. The calming nature of this hue of blue with a pop of vibrant yellows brings both relaxation and happy energy to fruition. I found some clipart that includes simple phrases, such as “do your thing” and “chill out”, both of which I want to do in the upcoming month. I also found a flower that says thank you in Spanish as a reminder to continue to be grateful for the opportunities and gifts given to me.

Not only do I want to remain calm, curb my anxiety, and promote a happier energy during my first month of 2024, I also want to remember to dream big and run towards the goals I want to achieve. The colors in my mood board are soft, but vibrant and playoff each other extremely well.

I went through my photo album and found the pictures that I felt contributed to these ideas, intentions and aesthetic. This wasn’t a hard task as I am already very drawn to these colors, making it more personal to me, Hanz.

Blue and pink sky with low clouds
Colorado Sky

In conclusion, creating a mood board for January or any month is a creative and therapeutic process. It's a wonderful way to visualize your goals, emotions, and intentions for the month ahead. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to create a mood board. It's a personal reflection of you and your aspirations. So go ahead, dive into the process and have fun. Let your mood board serve as your daily source of inspiration, keeping you motivated and aligned with your goals. Happy mood boarding!

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Great ideas and I love the color blue, I see blue as serenity and stability. I need to go and make my own mood board.

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